Friday, August 20, 2010

The End.

Today was the last day- we held the presentations and had some tearful farewells.

Joe and Bob- Thanks so much for everything you've done to make this all possible! I had a great time and learned so much. This will definitely be one of my most memorable summers!

The end of this internship also marks the end of summer. I'm leaving for a college visit road trip in a couple minutes, so peace out tp RIT and best wishes for the coming school year!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

August 19th


So sad :(

Today we practiced our presentations. I think ours was ok, but I think i might try to memorize the order of the slides tonight and what I'm going to say on each of them. It was really cool to hear what everyone else did this summer! I was really impressed by everyone's work and I wish i went around more often to see what people were doing.

I can't believe it's almost over! We cleaned up our desks at color science (tore down the posters of puppies and all our colorful post-it notes) and left a thank you note for the grad students who were so kind to us and let us share their office. We also got Joel and Christye a little gift (which we put a lot of thought reflects their personalities and jobs!). I'm almost dreading the end of this- that just means that school is coming up again!

August 18th

Today, we worked on our presentation cue cards. I found that it's actually very hard to explain our project in an organized, coherent way. We didn't want to be reading off the powerpoint slide, so we instead put many visual aids on it- which we will explain verbally. The problem with this is that due to the nature of our project, we have a LOT of files and programs that we use. If we explain the files, it will be difficult for the audience to understand, but if we don't explain them....then the rest of the project won't make sense. Honestly, some of our slides are just there to give people something relevant to look at while we explain.

We're not exactly sure where we lie time-wise. Our outline is four pages long at this point! We practiced a couple times today, with around 6 minutes left over every time!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 17th

Today, we decided that we wanted to put in data from our Topcon camera into our presentation so its a bit more reliable. We also brainstormed a list of any possible inaccuracies in our experiment and added that into our presentation as well. Since the presentation is due tomorrow, we'll just tidy up some cue cards tomorrow morning :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16th

AHHH last week!

I'm so sad that this is our last week! This has been my first job...ever! And i'm really sad to see it end.

Madeleine and I have been working really hard on our presentation- since our project is time-dependent, we JUST finished putting our data together today. Thankfully, we've already finished our powerpoint presentation- all we have to do is put in a couple graphs and pictures.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 13th

Today, we did a huge chunk of our presentation. I took a lot of screenshots to show what exactly we do, but I think it'll be confusing even with illustrations. We do way too much excel work! We also went to Home Depot to pick up another blue paint chip since we lost our original. Tomorrow, we'll use the spectrophotometer on the chip and start graphing all the delta Es.

August 11th

Today, we went to the Eastman House to learn a bit about daguerreotypes. They're pretty interesting, but definitely not my kind of thing.