Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day Seven and Eight

I've been seriously slacking off on these blogs, so I think this post will be longer than the previous few. I have three projects I'm working on currently:

1) Joel's project- we're trying to calibrate the colors on different Fundus cameras by calculating numeric values for colors and comparing the L*a*b* values (and RGB and XYZ as well) of the digital and film pictures with the "true" color of the sample that we measure with a
Macbeth-Gretag machine in the color science lab. This project involves a lot of excel spreadsheet work and IDL programs. We also learned how to operate a Fundus camera :)


Our project- we're analyzing the changes (if any) in the color of an image taken with flash over time. So we're basically taking a bunch of pictures at short (minutes), medium (days), and long (weeks) intervals to see if the flash will alter the colors.

3) My last project is using MATLAB to design and program a lightshow of LEDs to spruce up our display window.

Oh, and I realized today that some of my non RIT/CIS friends actually read this! So I guess I'll define some terms/people/places...

Joe= Coordinator. I'm not sure if I got off on the right foot with him because I kind of obsessively called/emailed him during the selection process. All of us (interns) are a bit intimidated by him, but he's a cool guy. And I'm not just saying that because I know you read this, Joe. :)

Bob= Coordinator. He sends us all the important emails and meets with us every morning. Really nice and takes care of all our field trips and free food. :)

CIS= Center for Imaging Science

Joel= my super cool, super tall supervisor. He's a rising senior at RIT and basically guides us
(me, madeleine, and audrey) in everything we do. He has yet to beat me at pingpong, so he can continue calling me The Champion.

Madeleine (not madeline!) and Audrey= my (i'm trying not to say that everyone is cool, but my mind just blanked out on adjectives...) co-workers/co-interns. We chill together. A lot.

Crossroads= a cafe on campus. We like to eat lunch there.

Fundus Camera= a camera that takes pictures of the eye (retina, to be more exact)

Retina= In short, the back of your eye. The color receptor.

Christye Sisson= My senior project mentor. She teaches college courses in ophthalmology.

Mr. Jones= Our fake eyeball. He's pretty cool.



Yesterday was pretty laid back. We went to an optics manufacturer on a field trip (traveling by limo, of course...we ride in style...).

It was really loud and smelly, and it made me realize that I don't ever want to go into manufacturing. However, it was a good experience (I feel only slightly compelled to put that in there...) because it involved a bit of physics/optics lingo that I actually understood from taking AP Physics this year.


AHHHHH I passed all my AP exams with 4+!! :) :) :) INCLUDING PHYSICS AND CALCULUS. Which I was so sure I failed...


After the field trip, we went to a sub shop an got (free) food.

Then we went back to RIT and worked for a while...
...and then we played volleyball. ;)


First off, I beat Joel in pingpong (again) (thought i'd just throw that in there...) We (me, audrey, and madeleine) went to Home Depot to get some paint chips to use as color checkers in Project #2. We came back and designed the actual checker. We're using the fake retinas that came with Mr. Jones to house our color samples. We then went to a department/building picnic at Genesee Valley park and ate lunch and played games. When we came back, we tested out our checkers on the fundus cameras, and chose the two Topcon cameras to carry out our experiments (actually, we didn't really "choose" it...they were the only two we could get to work...).

So there's all the substantive stuff I was supposed to put in the past couple posts. Here's some pictures for your amusement. Let's just say that we have ample downtime when we need it.

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