Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day Twelve

Today, we did work. Legit work. (In the morning at least...)

Madeleine and I stopped by Javas this morning after the group meeting to grab something to drink and to chill for a while/wait for Audrey. There's something about that place that makes me HAVE to buy something every time I'm there. We went back later in the day and I got something else. Java's is going to drink me broke by the end of the summer :/

Anyway, here's more or less a checklist of things that we have to do each day:

-Take 3 pictures of each color checker (5 color checkers total with 2 colors on each). That gives us 15 pictures per round. We usually do two rounds of pictures in 20 minute intervals per camera (we are using 2 cameras), so we end up with 60 pictures per day.

-Then we have to crop out a 500 x 500 px sample of each color using GIMP or Photoshop. That leaves us with one hundred and twenty 500x500 px squares. Essentially what that means is that we end up with 4 folders full of .tif files that are confusingly named "3ag (color checker three, take a, gray)" or "1cb (color checker one, take b, black)."

-Then we run the IDL program that Joel wrote that takes the images and makes them into numerical values (RGB, XYZ, CIELAB).

-Then we take the CIELAB values and input them into excel spreadsheets

-Then we put the target (the paintchips we used for the color checker) in a Macbeth-Gretag machine which measure the spectral reflectances of a range of wavelengths

-Then we input the spectral reflectances into an excel spreadsheet

-Then we run the excel spreadsheets through another program that turns spectral reflectance values into CIELAB values (compensating with a 2nd degree observer and d65 lighting feature of the program)

-Then we put the CIELAB values into an excel spreadsheet

-Then use the target spreadsheet and the measured CIELAB spreadsheet and find the differences between the LAB values and put it into a new excel spreadsheet

-Then we find delta e (sqrt((delta L^2)+(delta A^2)+(delta B^2)) and put it into the excel spreadsheet.

And we do (errr...or rather we should do...) all of the aforementioned every day. Except sometimes we don't get that far.

Oh, and as a side note, I don't particularly like excel.


We went to U of R today. We learned a bit about the biomedical engineering (BME) program there, which was actually pretty interesting for me since i'm still going back and forth between choosing the premed/medschool path or the BME/medschool path. I'm really glad we went because I always feel guilty that I got a scholarship to U of R and never really bothered to check out the school.


So Madeleine and I are practically the same person. We found out yesterday that we can read each others' minds. We were looking at pictures of cute things (and doing work simultaneously...!) on when she said "oh, you know what the cutest thing on the world is?"She typed in in the web address blog, and before she even had a chance to look up what she thought was the cutest thing in the world, I said "well fennec foxes are adorable!" and it turns out that she was justtt about to type in fennec foxes on google. Oh, and I realize that this probably doesn't make sense to anyone reading this except for Mad. It was a have-to-be-there-moment.

Oh, and we both want to go to Med school and become doctors. We both watch House MD and Secret Life of an American Teenager (don't judge! yes, it's a crappy show. but SO addicting). We are both in Science Olympiad, Model United Nations, and Math League at school. We took practically all of the same AP classes. We both interviewed for MRI and Ultrasound and Remote Sensing and were both subsequently placed in Eye Imaging. It was meant to be.

OHHH. And (this is where I was going to go with's practically relevant to what I was saying earlier...) we BOTH got a scholarship to U of R for the same amount...and we go to different schools and they pick very very few people for it. How weird (and fascinatingly awesome) is that?


So the U of R tour was pretty cool. The restaurant (Pellegrino's) was awesome as well. Yay for free food.

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