Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day Sixteen

I noticed that practically no one else blogged about the blindness simulation this morning....

Anyway, we were left in a dark room for a couple minutes, then we were taken out on a quick walk in the bright building with one eye covered. When we went back into the dark room, we found that we were partially blind. And our task was to explain this.

Well to be perfectly honest, I made some sad attempts to explain it myself (I AM in, after all, eye imaging and should therefore know something or other about eyes...), but all I could come up with (after looking through my notes) is that our eyes accommodated to the darkness (which is when your optical lens changes shape to focus under different situations). After leaving the dark room (with one eye still accommodated to the darkness since that eye was covered), the non-covered eye accommodated to the light during our walk. Upon returning to the dark room and opening the covered eye, each eye sent conflicting impulses to the brain (perhaps due to the differences in contrast and brightness) and being unable to process the information, we were rendered temporarily blind. Oh, and I believe the pupils must be vastly different sizes as well (larger in the covered eye, smaller in the non-covered eye), which may or may not have had some part in the simulation.

And even though that actually sounds somewhat legitimate, I have to disclaim any truth or fact in the above. I tried google-ing it, but I couldn't find a good phrase to type in. Apparently

"dark room light room blind"
"temporarily blind simulation dark light"
"rit cis weird blind simulation thing"

does not yield any helpful results.

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