Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day Two

So I was on looking at everyone else's blogs, and realized that I didn't actually have to write a blogpost the length of an essay every day. So in a nutshell, today I met Joel, my supervisor. He's a cool guy- the kind that apparently wears "real men wear pink" shirts (he likes to refer to mean girls every so often...). The entire morning, we ran a Munsell colorblindness test where you have to put little colorful discs in order of shades- they all looked practically the same to me, and I practically failed the test (not enough to be colorblind though!). We went out to Crossroads with a bunch of other interns for lunch (Chinese food, DUH). After coming back from lunch break, we went through a mini-lecture about optics/color/eye physiology. The entire afternoon we spent in the computer lab cropping out parts of photos of retinas into 500x500 pixels using GIMP, running it through a IDL program that averaged the colors in the cropped photo and determined the respective RGB, XYZ, and LAB numbers, and inputted the data into an excel worksheet. I did the photos taken from the Canon camera- there were 12 colors with 3 takes each, so I went through the entire process 36 times. Needless to say, it was quite tedious. We had a good time though. I especially love color science because of how fun and casual we can be together and still learn so much!

So today I learned....

1) RIT food is quite overpriced...

2) I hate the parking Nazi. I got a ticket today for apparently parking in the wrong spot... ($30! I'll have to go down and negotiate with them....)

3) IDL is a program where you can create programs. It's kind of like MATLAB.

4) Thank goodness I took AP Physics B this year! All that stuff I learned about optics really came into play!

5) Eight-hour workdays are a LOT longer than I could have ever expected......

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